This site is just about autistic inertia. The main point is to provide updates and contact about my research on this subject, but I might also comment on other research I find.

I am a PhD student at the University of Manchester. I am studying autistic inertia because it is a big factor in my personal life and the lives of autistic people I know. There is almost no research on the topic so far and we need to get more recognition for this as an important and often very problematic aspect of autism.

I am in the first year of my PhD, and due to my own inertia challenges and lack of support, I haven’t made a full year worth of progress yet. However, at Autscape in August this year I was able to run four focus groups on the topic and I am working on analysing these now. I am also hoping to run an online focus group for those who can’t travel or discuss in a live group, but I’m still working on getting ethics committee approval.

You can look at the things I’ve done so far on this site, but the serious work is yet to come.